Our Brand

The full dinner experience

At Wilffert&Wilffert we are convinced that well-crafted cutlery adds to the experience of having excellent food. To us, dining is more than nourishing your body with essential needs. Dining is about relishing, taking a moment to unwind and spending time with loved ones. With our premium quality cutlery we love to contribute to this unique setting and allow you to create an exclusive restaurant experience at home. 

Premium quality

Growing up as two brothers with Japanese roots we have a natural eye for detail, which has greatly influenced our sense of design. Functionality, superb craftsmanship and premium quality come together in our collection. Wilffert&Wilffert offers only the finest cutlery and kitchenware, challenging the ordinary nature of cutlery. Our passion for design and quality drives us to fulfill that promise.

Craftsmanship & design

All of our products are meticulously designed and made in Portugal. With a perfect shape and weight the cutlery is comfortable to handle. We select our materials based on sustainability and the best characteristics. The collection is carefully crafted for long use, in both every day and  in exclusive occasion table settings. Every item is made from stainless steel, is dishwasher proof and 100% recyclable. 

Wilffert&Wilffert | Making the ordinary exceptional.